Tristan was born in the UK but spent most of his formative years in Cape Town, South Africa. After eight years in London, where he met his beautiful wife Katelyn, he moved to the states to be with her. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Tristan has always had a passion for creating things, whether it be stories, paintings, drawings, or food. A lifelong writer, he has a wealth of experience writing in a wide variety of styles for an even wider variety of audiences.

Professionally, Tristan has written for several publications, both online and off, as well as a large number of clients from varying backgrounds. His work has been published in StateTech Magazine and on JoinDota.com, and his freelance work covers topics including tech, craft beer, finance, and more. Tristan’s ability to research any topic and write on it like an expert enthusiast has left all of his clients fully satisfied with his work, earning him a 5-star rating on Upwork.

Tristan’s true passion lies in creating worlds and crafting narratives. A creative writer from an early age, Tristan has consistently written short stories and half-finished novellas. After many years spent trying to figure out which of his many passions was the right one to be pursuing, he finally realized that writing was the one. He has written a few published poems (and many more unpublished), is working on a novel, and has finished a feature screenplay and two half-hour TV pilots.